Oh S*^t, Wormhole!

Oh S*^t, Wormhole!! is a runner game, except you are falling instead of running and moving around to avoid obstacles coming towards you. It was developed by myself and 7 others, forming Fulmination, shaped by having 3 animators on the team. In total it has 4 worlds with their own themes and 3 levels of escalating difficulty, every level 70-90 seconds long (though they will generally take a while longer for those that haven’t playtested it for hours).

Here’s the Final Build.

main image.png

The game stars Jet J. Jamenson, a hapless scientist that creates a device that opens wormholes to other dimensions. The only catch is that it only creates wormholes that open up thousands of feet into the air, and the ensuing adventure takes him through heaven and hell while timelines blend and Jet may or may not go crazy. The intended art style is a low poly stylized look so that we don’t need detailed models or textures, though it is better implemented in some areas than others.

I designed roughly half of the levels in the game, the other half handled by the other designer, and made many (whitebox versions of) obstacles as needed to pupulate those levels. We then updated those obstacles with models, animations, better scripts etc. as that got done while tweaking timings, hitboxes and so on according to playtest results. The mechanics of the game are very simple, so I’ve spent almost all my time on level design – with the player falling past areas quickly and the 3D nature of the game, even just 10 seconds of gameplay can take a while to design, playtest and tweak, and as one of the few members of the team that knew the ins and outs of Unity I did adjacent tasks and fixes as well.

The document for the first world’s obstacles as an example of how we kept track of and worked on the obstacle concepts.

2d concept for winged demons that follow the player and die one by one while the remaining ones speed up.