Mirrored Worlds

Mirrored Worlds was a tower defense / tug of war game made by me, another designer (turned programmer), a programmer (who was kicked), an artist and a writer, forming Laser Dragon Studios. Since our programmer was difficult to deal with and wasn’t in much, he was kicked and the other designer (and me to a lesser degree) did the programming instead. This wasn’t much more effective, and we eventually merged with another group to start over and make another game.

I did the majority of the design, as well as chunks of programming (like the later scrapped embedded game and enabling towers to slow and poison units). I also did the user interface but there were no unit or tower icons so it was essentially just frames. The game had you build towers and summon units to defeat incoming waves of enemy units – originally using a minigame that took up part of the screen to gather resources similar to Starjeweled, but that was scrapped as we didn’t manage to program it. The darker or lighter tiles indicate the path that units will take from one base to another, and if 10 units reach the other side that side loses.

Design Documents

Player Basic Units and Towers – Mechanics

Spawn Types writeup