The Shepherd

Based on a Pulp Fiction Quote, this is a card game about evil, selfish people given the opportunity to be better. In the first round everyone is looking out for themselves, and the one most rewarded for it (the winning player) becomes The Shepherd. Next round, they have the opportunity to help out The Lost Child (the losing player) by giving them good cards.

It’s best suited for 3-6 players. The game starts with a battle phase, more or less the President card game, and then introduces roles and an offering phase in between future battle phases. Using role cards is recommended to easily tell who is which role and remind yourselves of what to do in the offering phase.

Battle Phase

Deal all the cards equally (if any are left over, they go to the ones that placed lowest last round). Suits don’t matter, cards are valued in order from 2 to 13 with Ace trumping anything, and Jokers can be used as any card except Ace. If any cards are left, they go to the players that finished last in the previous round. The Shepherd starts (in the first game, whomever has the two of hearts does instead), laying one, two, three or four of a kind on the table. The other players go in order and must match the amount of cards and go even or higher in value.

Once you pass your turn you are out of that round, and if four cards of the same number are laid down or only one player remains, the board is cleared and the player that played the last cards starts a new round. The goal is to get rid of your cards. The first player to do so becomes The Shepherd next game, while the loser becomes The Lost Child, and anyone else become The Selfish.

Offering Phase

Deal the cards equally.

1. The Shepherd places two cards face down. If these are the highest cards they own, they are Blessed.

2. The Lost Child places two cards face up. If these are the highest cards they own, they are Blessed.

3. The Selfish bet by giving cards of their own once per round. They can place two cards (usually their lowest) on The Lost Child’s face-up offer, or The Shepherd’s face-down one.

4. The recipient of an offer or bet gets those cards, and if they are blessed they can send back 2 cards of their own to whomever bet on them. If The Lost Child is Blessed but The Shepherd is not, they can also send back 2 to them.

Role Card - The ShepherdRole Card - The Lost ChildRole Card - The Selfish