Hello, my name is Johan Holm, graduate of the Digital Games course at Falmouth University.  As part of this course I’ve been part of 4 large team projects to create games as well as many smaller ones. We used agile methodology for constant iteration and working with feedback from playtesting, and were in a simulated work environment with several deadlines and tutors serving as product managers. I focus mostly on system and gameplay design in my own projects but have broader experience when on a team. I really like working on tabletop rpg and board game material as well as video games. My dream would be developing melee action games or gameplay-centric role-playing games, but every genre has potential for depth and anything with depth is fun to design for.


These are some of my favorite games. I try to play a lot of different games, wanting to cover the history of the medium, following trends, and experiencing all genres. Preference-wise, I’m not very into multiplayer or score attack games, and gameplay and depth usually come first. Outside of games I enjoy worldbuilding, reading, painting landscapes and hiking.

Email: johhol1337@gmail.com