Main Projects

Oh S*^t, Wormhole!!
#Meta - Oh shit.png

Oh S*^t, Wormhole!! is a runner game, except you are falling instead of running and moving around to avoid obstacles coming towards you. It was developed by myself and 7 others, forming Fulmination, shaped by having 3 animators on the team. In total it has 4 worlds with their own themes and 3 levels of escalating difficulty, every level 70-90 seconds long (though they will generally take a while longer for those that haven’t playtested it for hours).

Lone Swordsman#Meta - Lone Swordsman.png

Lone Swordsman was a sidescrolling 2.5D hack-n’-slash game developed by the 8-man team Mecha Gecko in our first year of university. We had large problems with the programming/programmer and the game was also quite over-scoped, so the game never came together in engine. However, a lot of the assets and systems made for it it was of good quality.

Total Alliteration
#Meta - Total Alliteration.png

Total Alliteration was an oblique local co-op horde shooter where the players took control of a silly character each and shot some floofs to save the multiverse. It was developed by Phoenix Tear, consisting of 11 members as the result of two teams that weren’t doing too well merging together. Since both teams had problems, some persisted and several members had issues with attendance and contribution, and in the end it was quite bare bones in engine.

Mirrored Worlds
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Mirrored Worlds was a tower defense / tug of war game made by me, another designer (turned programmer), a programmer (who was kicked), an artist and a writer, forming Laser Dragon Studios. Since our programmer was difficult to deal with and wasn’t in much, he was kicked and the other designer (and me to a lesser degree) did the programming instead. This wasn’t much more effective, and we eventually merged with another group to start over and make another game.