Playable Games

Angry Bard (WIP)

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A current team project I’m doing as part of my Master’s degree, a rhythm shooter adventure game. You can play the newest version with some basic combat and enemies in it here: Angry Bard v0.30.

Oh S*^t, Wormhole!!
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A runner game, except you are falling instead of running and moving around to avoid obstacles coming towards you. It was developed by myself and 7 others, forming Fulmination, shaped by having 3 animators on the team. In total it has 4 worlds with their own themes and 3 levels of escalating difficulty, every level 70-90 seconds long (though they will generally take a while longer for those that haven’t playtested it for hours).

The Pit#Meta - The Pit.png

A Celeste mod that requires you to edit the parameters of the game to progress. A starting room (the titular pit), three rooms of variable difficulty, an optional challenge to do one of those without dashing, and a completely optional room for those confident enough. To download and see installation instructions, go to

Gold Rush
#Meta - Gold Rush.png

Gold Rush is a board game about the gold rush and making it to the gold valley before all your competitors, created by me and four other designers during a board game workshop with Henry Jasper. It’s designed for 4 players but can work well for 3 and 5 by removing or adding some cards, is aimed at families (6+ age rating), takes around half an hour to play and is quick to learn.

The Shepherd

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Based on a Pulp Fiction Quote, this is a card game about evil, selfish people given the opportunity to be better. In the first round everyone is looking out for themselves, and the one most rewarded for it (the winning player) becomes The Shepherd. Next round, they have the opportunity to help out The Lost Child (the losing player) by giving them good cards.


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An ambient skydiving game where you navigate endless structures in a dreamlike sci-fi world. Done for Jamfuser 2020, with a couple of programmers and a sound wizard. Find it at Itch to download the final version, and check the voting page for feedback we got.